•   Simple user interface with highlighted action items
•   Online help
•   Allows multiple roles (Author, Reviewer, etc.) at the same time
•   Can store multiple formats of the same files
•   Process paper manuscripts (Staff submits as Author)
•   Rapid determination of pending work
•   Author can check detailed status information (configurable)
•   Standard desktop with highlighted action items
•   Parallel processing of file conversions (to PDF)
•   Files are printable (Manuscript/Figures/Metadata)
•   Submit via Internet
•   Submit in multiple formats
•   Images, videos, and data sets can be part of the manuscript
•   Special symbols in titles and abstracts
•   Running title length check (configurable)
•   Key word quantity check (configurable)
•   Author can replace and delete files before approving
•   Recovery/continuation from partial submissions
•   Journal-specific submission instructions
•   Submitter can be different than Corresponding Author
•   Submitter can make Associate Editor recommendations
•   Submitter can make Reviewer recommendations
•   Customized statements for Authors to initial
•   Submission fields can be required or optional
•   Display history of previous manuscript version and reviews
•   Can store/track multiple revisions of the same manuscript
•   Configurable reminder system
•   Name/key word–assisted Reviewer and Associate Editor assignments
•   Associate Editor report cards accessible during assignment process
•   Reviewer report cards accessible during assignment process
•   Tracks Associate Editor availability
•   Replace/Withdraw Associate Editor or Reviewer
•   Associate Editors, Editors, or Staff can rank review quality
•   Powerful searching by tracking stage, Author name, number, or title
•   Journal-specific configurations
•   Customized manuscript numbering
•   Configurable registration screen
•   Multiple journals can be supported in a single database
•   Staff control of flow to/from Associate Editors and Reviewers (configurable)
•   Decision letter templates
•   Cross-journal reports
•   Reports with graphs; download in Excel format
•   Production tracking (additional fee)
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